clubhouse on south temple event venue slc
The most striking feature of the main facade is the open porch which extends along the entire elevation...”
— National Register of Historic Places, 1978
The general appearance of the clubhouse today is just as it was when built in 1913.”
— National Register of Historic Places, 1978
On the first floor are the large entrance hall, drawing room, and auditorium, all having hardwood floors.”
— Ladies' Literary Club yearbook, 1913
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Upstairs over the drawing room and part of the entrance hall is a room called the library. It has an original fireplace and is lined on two sides with built-in bookcases.”
— National Register of Historic Places, 1978
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From the library opens, by means of glass doors, a balcony which affords a delightful view of the auditorium.”
— 1913 yearbook, Ladies' Literary Club
Tall casement windows occupy practically all of the wall space to the right and left of the stage.”
— National Register of Historic Places, 1978
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The main windows are those of the auditorium. They are 5 feet by 12 feet with wood sash and leaded glass in a decorative pattern, creating multi-lights.”
— National Register of Historic Places, 1978

Historic Design, Tastefully Preserved

The auditorium is two stories high and has a roomy stage, with staircases leading to two section rooms above.”
— 1913 Yearbook, Ladies' Literary Club
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Analog + Digital Media



Hidden in plain sight is the Darkroom and Print lab where our in-house creative agency offers analog and digital printing services as well as Photo and Video Media Production.

To book the Darkroom or Print Lab visit Photo Collective Studios.

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print lab

Digital Print Lab

Digital Printing/Exhibition services include prepping and printing large format (44”) archival inkjet prints, instant dye-sub, vinyl plotter for stickers, and scanning/digitizing.