Lower Lights Sangha – February 15

Starts February 15, 2017
Ends February 15, 2017

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Clubhouse on South Temple

February 15, 2017 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Clubhouse on South Temple


We hear so much about the benefits of mindfulness these days–stress reduction, better emotional regulation, even raising your IQ. While these are all good reasons to start meditating, they prove to be trivial when we enter the deeper stages of the path. The true gift of the practice lies in what Dogen Zenji described as an “intimacy with all things.”

Join us at Clubhouse, February 15th from 7:30-9:00pm to explore how we can bring more heart to our lives. Together we’ll hold the question of how a mindfulness practice can help us live in a more connected way to the people we love and indeed, to all of life.

At our upcoming gathering we will:
* hold a deep meditative space for the community to rejuvenate itself
* make distinctions between the practical benefits of mindfulness and its more deeply transformative potentials
* practice heartfulness in intimate conversation with others
* celebrate

*In order to help with venue costs and event production, we are asking for a $10 contribution, $5 for those in financial need.
*Bring something to write with for reflective journaling

Questions? Email us at info@lowerlights.co

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